I am Mom. My identity as a mother defines my relationship to the child in me, the child in you, and the Mother that is our Earth. I am Wife. The deep connection to my lover/husband/best friend feeds my soul, mind and my body. I am a creative being, expressing my wildness through cooking and writing without constraint. I am a lover of change, so I am a traveller. I go by foot and bicycle best, but also by motorcycle, public transit and sometimes airplane! Car, my friend, is a last resort. I am a minimalist. I am a teacher. I am a naturalist. Lastly, I am an insightful and loving friend. My value is my energy, logic, and affection for others. All of these make my work as a health coach a meaningful expression of who I am. This is what I have to contribute to humanity.

Who's Heather?

But personally...

Heather Diamond, M.Ed
& Certified Holistic Health Coach

Heather Diamond has 22 years of experience leading effective change in small and large educational systems, in her own life of continuous improvement opportunities, and as a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC. The purpose of Heather's work, Heather Diamond Health (HDH), is to help identify and make changes that you desire across the five interrelated domains of healthy living: physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Her vision is that people are empowered to make changes for a healthier, happier life.