​​What's Heather Diamond Health?

HDH is very much about YOU. 

  • Does healthy living often feel just out of reach?
  • Are you struggling with a necessary change?
  • Do you want to simplify and improve your relationship with food, in the context of your career and family life?
  • Do you feel inspired to make a change in lifestyle, but aren't sure how to start?
  • Do you sometimes dread spending time in your kitchen?
  • Does the change process overwhelm you?
  • Are you less than satisfied with one or more areas of your wellness: social, emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual?
  • Is one or more areas of your life negatively affecting your sense of health and happiness: work, family, friendships, home management, parenting, physical movement, time management?

HDH is about getting to the heart of what's causing a gap between your current reality and your desired reality so that personalized strategies can be matched to your needs.

​I use a data-based improvement cycle to support you in improving your relationship with food, overall health, and satisfaction in life. This process includes four basic stages that are self-correcting in that decisions are made based on the evidence of impact on multiple areas of your life. All things in nature are cyclical. You are nature. The four cyclical stages of this process are:

  1. Exploring and Examining
  2. Planning and Implementing
  3. Evaluating and Informing
  4. Integrating and Sustaining

As a compassionate health coach, educator and change specialist, I am able to support you and make it easier.