The Kitchen Goddess
Florida School for Holistic Living

Heather Diamond, of HDH, collaborates with Jill Welch, of The Kitchen Goddess, on a weekly basis in an effort to create opportunities and improve alternative health support services available in Tallahassee and beyond. The Kitchen Goddess provides an array of effective services including natural foods education, guided cleanse classes, and personal chef services. Learn more about Jill Welch and The Kitchen Goddess HERE.

Heather Diamond, HDH, supports and partners with The Grower's Market at Lake Ella to promote healthy eating with real food grown by real farmers in our sustainable community. The Grower's Market is located at 229 Lake Ella Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32303 and is open every Wednesday from noon to dusk. The local and organic methods vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, fresh baked goods, fermented goods and MORE are outstanding and essential to a healthy life! 


Heather Diamond, HDH, partners with Phoenix Fermin, Director of the Florida School of Holistic Living North Florida Branch and owner of Sacred Tree Herbals to help bring community herbalism and holistic education opportunities to our community and beyond. Learn more about the Florida School of Holistic Living HERE and Sacred Tree Herbals HERE.

Sacred Tree Herbals