...OR...The Makeover a’ la Carte

 In-home Kitchen Culture Analysis $120

  • You complete a kitchen culture questionnaire, I come to your kitchen, interview you, take stock of your kitchen, and provide a written analysis of your current kitchen culture.

 Example Healthy Kitchen Tour $60

  • You visit my kitchen for refreshments, open exploration, and an explanation of various foods, methods, equipment and routines. This provides you a close-up view of ONE type of healthy kitchen culture.

 Makeover Planning Session $60

  • This is a one hour, one-on-one session designed for us to co-plan improvements that you would like to make to the health of your kitchen culture, resulting in a detailed, written plan.

 Facilitated Grocery Shopping $120

  • You and I go grocery shopping together, totaling an estimated 2 hours, so that you have a refined stock of food staples and treats aligned with your desired changes. This is an interactive, in-store opportunity for you to ask questions and receive feedback on your standard grocery list.

 In-home Kitchen Makeover $120

  • I come to your kitchen to physically help you re-arrange, re-organize, and de-clutter your kitchen spaces to align with your desired kitchen culture improvements.

 In-home Guided Cooking Orientation $90

  • I come to your kitchen to assist you in preparing a meal of your choice in your newly refreshed kitchen. This is an interactive opportunity for you to ask questions, test your new kitchen arrangement and ingredients for any needed adjustments, and co-cook for fun! 

 2 Follow-Up Booster Sessions $120

  • This includes two, one-hour coaching sessions scheduled after your kitchen culture makeover to support you in sustaining the healthy changes that you have made.

Complete Package $450

(Overall Savings of $240)

For a sample taste of Heather’s kitchen culture, visit heatherdiamondhealth.blogspot.com 

To begin your Kitchen Culture Makeover, download and complete the Kitchen Culture Analysis Questionnaire HERE

Kitchen Culture Makeover Package $450 ($690 value)

What is "Kitchen Culture?"

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“The culture of your kitchen can be the structural foundation for health & happiness.” ~Heather