The most ideal way to get started on your journey with the support of a health coach is to complete your comprehensive Health Profile

It's all about you! CLICK HERE to access & complete your personal Health Profile, then send it to to initiate a Health Consultation in person or remotely, which will include a comprehensive written report for you with an analysis of your health profile, a proposed action plan and personalized resources. 

More About This Service

I use a data-based improvement cycle to support you in improving your relationship with food, overall health, and level of life satisfaction. This process includes four basic stages that are self-correcting in that decisions are made based on the evidence of impact on multiple areas of your life. All things in nature are cyclical. You are nature. The four cyclical stages of this process are:

  1. Exploring and Examining
  2. Planning and Implementing
  3. Evaluating and Informing
  4. Integrating and Sustaining 

To begin the improvement cycle with step 1 using your Health Profile and a 90-minute consultation, initial information is gathered and analyzed, ideas for improvement are explored, goals are set, and resources and obstacles are mapped. To do this, I need you to supply me with information about you! I will use your Health Profile to learn about you, research information for you, and compile a comprehensive report that will include an analysis and a proposed, personalized action plan with specific recommendations and resources based on your needs. I will meet with you in my office, a local café, or via a virtual medium to go over the report, clarify any questions you may have, and provide you with a copy. This initial consultation will take 90 minutes equaling a fee of $90.00 due at the time of the consultation.

After the initial consultation and for steps 2-4 of the improvement cycle, you may decide that you have obtained enough information and inspiration to move forward independently! You may also decide that you need additional support through periodic health coaching sessions, a guided kitchen culture makeover, or group classes. I will explain the support options to you if you are interested and/or connect you with other experts for additional support if needed.

Contact me at or 850-567-9242 to set up an initial consultation. Complete the Health Profile prior to your initial consultation and email the completed Health Profile to me at least one week before your consultation at 

Important Note: Print, read and sign the Liability Release Form. Bring your signed Liability Release Form with you to your initial consultation. We will only proceed with your initial consultation if your signed Liability Release Form is on file.

Confidentiality: The client understands that information will be held as confidential unless the client states otherwise in writing. If the client reports child or elder abuse or neglect or threaten to harm oneself or someone else, the client understands necessary actions will be taken and my confidentiality agreement is limited in this capacity. Furthermore, if Heather Diamond is ordered by a court to provide information or to testify, she will do so to the extent the law requires. Additionally, the client understands that the use of technology is not always secure and accepts the risks of confidentiality in the use of email, text, phone, Skype and other technology.  


Your Health Profile & Initial Consultation $90